About Us

  • We are a husband and wife who LOVE Wichita!
    • Family-owned!
    • Working together is a blessing and super fun!
    • Jilliann is a Wichitan, born and raised!
    • Adam isn’t from Wichita, moved down here 50 lbs ago in 2006 when he came down to be in a band.  He fell in love with a girl from here and has LOVED Wichita ever since!
  • We are a Dad and Mom who are looking to show our kids how amazing their hometown is both now and what it CAN be.
    • #cantgetbored indegenerique.be/
    • Our Kids are a huge part of our WHY and we’re guessing we’re not the only parents like that, so a huge bent we have will be family-oriented!
  • We are learners, go-getters, and entrepreneurs who love our City and want it to get better and better!
    • Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Financial Services, Music and Comic books are Adam’s background.
    • Spiritual Lioness, Digital Researcher, Woman-extraordinaire, Bow-maker and Environment shifter are Jilliann’s claims to fame!
  • We are an ICT advertising agency built on two main tenants: promotion and encouragement.


We’re here to promote businesses that are among the Best in Town!  We find them (sometimes, they find us!) build relationships with them and then share how they make life better for their customers.


We champion the champions because WE LOVE THIS TOWN!