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Love is not canceled

A different perspective OH MY GOSH!  What a difference 24 hours make!! Who knew we should have opened a Toilet Paper emporium 2 weeks ago?? After a trip to Costco, Dillons, and Sams today, it is evident that our city is doomsday prepping and part of me understands.  My wife and I agree with most […]

Better before the Best

There is a major issue that needs to be showcased as part of the human experience. My experience. Maybe your experience. And it’s not just all about us either, it is the experience of people near us that we truly care about and are just as affected if not affected more than we are. I […]

Skin Essentials Herstory Pt. 1

“What’s an Esthetician?” Years ago at cocktail parties, people would ask what I did for a living. When I said: Esthetician, a lot would say “Oh, so you put people to sleep for surgery?” uh, no, that’s an Anesthesiologist. The term Esthetician is much more mainstream now. I don’t always have to explain that I […]

Why a Doula is for Every Mom… not just “That Kind”

What comes to mind when you think about a doula? If you're like many people, you probably envision an essential oil-slinging lady in a paisley dress at a home birth. Maybe even some chanting going on. Maybe you're thinking “hmm...that's cool, but not me at all.” But did you know that's just a stereotype? Doulas [...]