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What is Best in Wichita?


Quite simply, Best in Wichita gives you a definitive platform to prove you are the BEST in your industry in the city of Wichita.

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::Our Why::


We love Wichita!  There is no other place quite like it.  We are passionate about EVERY amazing business, generous and local-loving business owner, Wichita-supporting Wichitan and each and every visitor to our one-of-a-kind city.

The more we visit other places, the more we are impressed at how unbelievable our town is!

So, we want to help our local businesses succeed.  How do we do that?

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::How We Do It::


  • Social Media Promotion
  • New Customer B2C Incentives
  • Review-based “Thank You” Offers
  • Help Turn New Customers into Return Customers
  • Affiliate Impact Marketing
  • Web-based Review Centric Community Directory
  • Full-Service Marketing Suite*
  • Networking and Training Opportunities
  • Relational Adaptability for Business Clients’ Needs

What are our goals??

Maybe you are starting to see a pattern… 🙂

::Our Goals::


Our Goals are to help the business owner solve their most immediate pain point.  Normally, businesses are facing one of (or a combination of) 3 challenges:

  1. Anonymity – Whether you are new and relatively few people know about you yet, or you are in such a saturated space like food or health and beauty, everyone wants the infinite possibility of prospective customers to know more about them. When you meet a new “favorite business” for the first time, you become such a quick fan that you naturally tell a ton of people!  We try to help MAXIMIZE this experience for your business.
  2. Competition – There are a ton of REALLY good businesses in town, maybe even in your same industry, who are taking care of their customers extremely well.  You and your competition are probably all good, which is why you are still in business, but a LOT of Best in Wichita’s new members are seeking a way to put just a little more separation of a distinction between them and their competitors.  We help show prospective customers why you are better and why they should choose your business over the competition.  There is enough to go around, but we want our member businesses to grow and thrive because they have something that makes them the BEST! And besides, we’ve only met one business who said they didn’t want more customers coming in the door!!
  3. Disruption – Unfortunately, some Local businesses are feeling the uncomfortable squeeze of things like Amazon and Big Box Discount stores.  Our goal is to showcase the experience that is still available and why the presence of a local solution will always be an important aspect of community and memory making!  We want to rekindle the love of the small business over the cold and impersonal computer experience of Amazon!

So, whether you are suffering from one of these 3 major issues or you have a need to simply grow your tribe, we want to come along as a way to expose you to the most people possible AND benefit your business in the midst of it through the age-old BEST way to grow your business, Word of Mouth.

What does Word of Mouth look like in 2018?


84% of people trust an online review as much as they do a recommendation from a friend or a family member!  That’s good news for your business!

You talk to people who want to give you reviews every day!

We give you the platform where you get the most review exposure as possible!

Without boring you, Reviews are in the top 5 things during the last 3 iterations of Google’s algorithm that cause you to rank higher for SEO!

Reviews are an excellent way to get recurring business through return customers!


Our goals are only important if they line up with yours! If we’re not helping you get your goals accomplished, we wouldn’t expect you to give (a good review) what we’re trying to get for you!  Reviews are the life-blood of any business, but even more than most, they are the entirety of ours.  If we aren’t focusing on your businesses needs or our mutually discussed agenda, please let us know!  Maybe your needs change, maybe you’re seeing too many customers (a good “problem”) or not enough – the message can always be tweaked!  We want to constantly be seeking out the optimal way to promote your company and encourage people to try, re-try and become long-term raving fans of your business!

Tell me about getting new, return and recurring business with Best in Wichita!

A meeting with us lasts less than an hour, but will drastically change your bottom line starting almost immediately!

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