Our Town

This is a place where Entrepreneurs can THRIVE!

Wichita has so many wonderful businesses and business owners that offer high-quality, affordable local alternatives to almost every “chain” solution you can think of!  Not that national companies are bad, there are some PHENOMENAL nationally known businesses that trace their roots to Wichita, like Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Coleman, White Castle, Lear Jet, Hiland Dairy, Freddy’s, Rent-a-Center and several more.  There are also some UNBELIEVABLE Franchisees in Wichita running some of the top-notch companies and organizations in the ICT!

Something else Wichita is blessed to have an abundance of is QUALITY Non-profits making an impact on those in this community and around the world.

Best in Wichita partners with several local Non-profits to help get exposure and awareness out into the community about what is coming up that Wichita can get behind and support through their time, talents and donations!

With everything from underserved and underprivileged ethnicities to the support of those involved with Human Trafficking, Wichita has a wide array of worthwhile and valuable charities to get involved with and support.

As an organization, we want to help the good get better! We want to help the Best stand out from the rest extra resources!

We have so many amazing ideas and goals for Wichita and the surrounding area!  We can’t wait to meet you and share them with you!